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Below is a list of patents issued to Elsyn employees. Click the patent number to view a PDF of the first page of the patent. All patents are available from the US Patent and Trademark Office full text and image database website.Patent Image

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Patent Title

#4,129,855 Animal Identification System
#4,215,410 Solar Tracker
#4,247,758 Animal Identification and Estrous Detection System
#4,455,610 Self-contained Estrous Detection Tag
#5,152,252 Water Treatment Control System for a Boiler
#5,294,916 Water Treatment Controller for an Evaporative Condenser
#5,446,682 System for Calibrating a Line Isolation Monitor
#5,448,491 Monitor for an Ungrounded System
#5,450,328 System for Measuring Line to Ground Impedance
#6,546,344 Magnetic Anomaly Sensor System
#7,040,566 Dispenser with Material-Recognition Apparatus and Material-Recognition Method
#7,084,592 Method and Apparatus for Controlling a DC Motor by Counting Current Pulses
#7,296,765 Automatic Dispensers
#7,594,622 Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Dispenser to Conserve Towel Dispensed Therefrom
#7,963,475 Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Dispenser and Detecting a User