We have the foresight necessary to help you create a product you can take into production with confidence.


Why Elsyn?

Top-Notch Expertise for all phases of design

Elsyn, Inc. provides enigineering services for electronic product development. Elsyn has developed microprocessor-based products for industrial, commercial and agricultural markets. These include digital and analog input/output circuits, custom keyboards and custom liquid crystal displays. We have written software to perform digital signal processing, fourier analysis and fuzzy logic control.

Electronics Lab

The scope of our involvement includes:

  • Feasability Studies
  • Research
  • Product Specifications
  • Hardware Design
  • Circuit Board Layout
  • Prototype Assembly
  • Electromagnetic Compliance
  • Software Design
  • Agency Compliance
  • Engineering Reviews
  • Documentation


We undertake a project with a passion for getting the product designed right the first time...on time, on budget and at a manufactured cost consistent with your market requirements.

Client Benefites

Outsourcing electronic product development work to Elsyn is a convenient solution to staff shortages, engineering limitations, budget constraints and troubleshooting challenges. The most important benefit, however, is efficiency. We are a team of highly experienced engineers who provide high-quality, innovative designs. We provide an objective and accurate assessment of the expense (time and money) required to develop your product. Our highly specialized work environment lets us take your project from concept to production with exceptional efficiency.


We quote tightly defined projects on a fixed cost/fixed time basis. Research and other loosely defined projects are estimated in advance and billed on a time and expense basis. The project estimate includes a schedule that you use to evaluate progress.


An accurate, thorough, written specification of the product is essential to a successful development project. If you don't have one, we will work with you to prepare the specification.