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Product Review, Power Supply Fault

End User/Market: Retail Consumer


Consumer product, developed by a previous designer, with DC solenoids that control air flow through a manifold was experiencing a fault condition for a specific operating sequence. The microcontroller in the product was unexpectedly resetting.


Determine the lowest cost, quickest to implement fix to eliminate the fault condition.


Investigate previous designer's hardware design. Determine power supply transformer and fuse were undersized to meet maximum current requirements under certain solenoid-on conditions. Modify solenoid control firmware to reduce maximum current requirements to prevent unexpected resets.


Re-program each product in inventory with new firmware. Customer spared the time and cost of a new power supply design, hardware re-work and recertification for compliance with agency requirements.


PIC 16F88 microcontroller, C firmware, DC solenoid, power supply, agency requirements.