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Line Isolation Monitor

End User/Market: Hospitals, Medical Facilities


AC power outlets in certain areas of a hospital, expecially operating rooms and intensive care rooms, require isolated power to minimize the risk of electrical shock to the patient and medical personnel. The integrity of the isolated power may be compromised and present an unreasonable risk to the patient and medical personnel. A line isolation monitor is required to continuously monitor the integrity of the isolated power. Existing LIM was designed exclusively with analog circuits, which required periodic manual calibration. Fourteen unique versions of the monitor were manufactured and inventoried to meet world-wide demand for the product.


Develop a single, self-calibrating line isolation monitor that could be sold world-wide.


Develop a microcontroller based line isolation monitor with continuously self-calibrating function and user configurable features.


Microcontroller based line isolation monitor with digital signal processing algorithms to determine the integrity of an isolated power system. Three US patents.


MC68HC16 microcontroller, LED's, power supply, integration with existing enclosure, assembly language digital signal processing algorithms, UL listing, schematic capture, circuit board layout.