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RF Proximity Sensor, Electronic Dispenser

End User/Market: Commercial Buildings


A battery operated, electronically controlled paper towel dispenser uses an RF proximity sensor to detect a person's hand near the dispenser and then disperse a pre-determined length of paper towel. Previous designer's RF proximity sensor design resulted in about a 2-month battery life.


Battery life must be increased to 2 years to insure market acceptance of the dispenser.


Measure RF proximity sensor current rather than frequency to detect a person's hand near the dispenser. Use 10-bit A/D convertor on microcontroller with oversampling and DSP algorithm to accurately measure a 0.1% change in RF proximity sensor current.


Electronic dispenser with more than 2 year battery life. US patent pending.


MSP430F2012, RF proximity sensor, A/D oversampling, digital signal processing.