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Estrous Detection Tag

End User/Market: Dairy Farmer


A dairy farmer's income is derived from the sale of milk produced by a cow, and a cow's yearly milk production is directly related to an optimum breeding program. The practice of manual observation of a cow's behavior to determine optimum breeding time is practical only on farms with a small herd of cows. Manual observation of individual cow behavior is difficult and impractical on frams with a large herd size.


Develop an automated method of monitoring individual cow behavior to predict optimum breeding time.


Develop an electronic estrous detection tag.


Electronic, self-contained estrous detection tag with passive RFID.Three US patents and numerous foreign patents. Technology licensed to companies worldwide to manufacture, use and sell.


Passive RFID, short range data transmission, digital logic circuits, Z-80 microprocessor, assembly language firmware, LED's, power supply, data logging, Fortran IV data analysis software, schematic capture.