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Precision Temperature Measurement

End User/Market: Factory Automation, Industrial Control


Industrial controllers require digital and analog inputs to perform pre-programmed control algorithms.


An internationally recognized, industrial controller manufacturer requires a temperature measuring (RTD) module for its modular controller. The company's engineering staff workload prevents them from developing this module.


Elsyn interacts primarily with customer's marketing department while performing all engineering tasks related to the development of the RTD module. The tasks include: prepare hardware and firmware specifications, preliminary design analysis, detailed hardware and firmware design, hardware and firmware integration, detailed product testing to insure compliance with marketing and engineering specifications, UL and CE compliance testing, develop factory test and calibration procedures, and manufacturing support through pilot production.


Temperature measuring (RTD) module is released to production in a cost-effective and timely manner.


80C32 microcontroller, AD7710 Sigma Delta A/D convertor, Platinum RTD, Copper RTD, UL and CE compliance.